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How To Be a Maker – Build Arduino projects and Raspberry Pi projects easily!
How To Be a Maker!

DIY Hacking has released its first free eBook titled – “How To Be a Maker”. It is intended to be a beginner’s guide to getting started with working on Arduino and Raspberry Pi 2. It will help you to build really cool arduino projects and raspberry pi projects. And will transform you into a Maker! It…

First step to building Arduino Projects: Choosing the right board
Arduino projects and various boards

From our STAR Maker: Sandheep Gopinath This tutorial will help you in choosing the right arduino board for your projects. There are a lot of arduino variants, the differences between them are highlighted here. And for beginners, we will also help you in choosing the right board to get started using this tutorial. What is Arduino? Arduino…

DIY Arduino Keyboard – The best Piezo Buzzer tutorial
Arduino Keyboard - Piezo buzzer tutorial

From our STAR Maker: Sandheep Gopinath Making cool things out of an Arduino is something, but making musical instruments out of an Arduino is quite something else. So behold, here comes the Musical-duino, an arduino keyboard. To see what this does, check out the demo video at the bottom of this page. They say that “You…

Arduino Lamp Dimmer : The Best PWM Dimmer Tutorial
Arduino lamp dimmer - The best PWM dimmer tutorial

From : Nibodha Technologies Ever wondered about how exciting the use of an Arduino board can be in your daily life? We present to you a very basic and a wonderful experiment. We often adjust the display brightness of our mobile phones to suit to our need. Haven’t you felt the same need for your…