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How To Be a Maker – A free beginner’s guide
How To Be a Maker!

DIY Hacking has released its first free Ebook titled – “How To Be a Maker”, which is intended to be a beginner’s guide to getting started with working on projects using Arduino and Raspberry Pi,  which will help you to build really awesome stuff easily and quickly, using it. Its main intention is to promote awareness about…

Build Raspberry Pi robots: Best Tutorial for beginners
Raspberry Pi obstacle avoiding robot DIY Hacking

If you are a beginner to Raspberry Pi and were looking for a simple hardware project, then look no further. This tutorial will show you to develop a python based robot which avoids obstacles and navigates freely. Obstacle avoiding robots are fairly common and easy to make. Here, you can use this project to add…

Raspberry Pi GPIO with PIR motion sensor: Best tutorial
Raspberry pi GPIO pin tutorial

This tutorial, based on the latest Raspberry Pi B+/model 2, will show you to interface a PIR motion sensor with the Raspberry Pi. And also guides you to use the GPIO pins on it. The GPIO pins on the raspberry pi are critical when it comes to making a hardware project. May it be a…

Build an Arduino LED Matrix in 3 simple steps
Arduino LED matrix DIY Hacking

From our STAR Maker: Sohil Patel LED matrix is one of the most popular projects that are built using the Arduino. Its really fun working with LEDs and the kind of output you get from it is mesmerising. You can use these matrices for various applications such as to create cool sign boards with scrolling…