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How To Be a Maker – A free beginner’s guide
How To Be a Maker!

DIY Hacking has released its first free Ebook titled – “How To Be a Maker”, which is intended to be a beginner’s guide to getting started with working on projects using Arduino and Raspberry Pi,  which will help you to build really awesome stuff easily and quickly, using it. Its main intention is to promote awareness about…

Home Automation using Intel Edison board
Home Automation using Intel Edison DIY Hacking

From our STAR Maker: Geeve George Edited by: Jyoti Patil HAT: Home Automation Tweeter At DIYhacking, we love cinemas, especially the ones which have Tony Stark in them. After watching IronMan, we would always love to have a house that understands you and acts accordingly. Guess what! Intel has now brought you a step closer to automating…

Intel Edison for Beginners – Tutorial
Intel Edison for Beginners DIY Hacking

From our STAR Maker: Geeve George   We makers love microcontrollers a lot! The endless possibilities that these pieces of hardware give to us – the Makers is endless! Ever wondered how small they keep getting? Well thanks to Intel I was awarded one of the world’s smallest open-source development board,  a board so small…

Raspberry pi touchscreen LCD tutorial
Raspberry Pi touchscreen LCD tutorial DIY Hacking

Touchscreen displays are always one of the coolest things that you can add to a raspberry pi. Having a neat display always boosts the overall funk of your project. You can build upon a prolific number of applications using portable TFT LCD displays. Maybe create even your own customized smartphone. However, most displays are not…