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How To Be a Maker – A free beginner’s guide
How To Be a Maker!

DIY Hacking has released its first free Ebook titled – “How To Be a Maker”, which is intended to be a beginner’s guide to getting started with working on projects using Arduino and Raspberry Pi,  which will help you to build really awesome stuff easily and quickly, using it. Its main intention is to promote awareness about…

The Best way to Connect Raspberry Pi to Laptop display
Connect raspberry pi to laptop display DIY Hacking

From our STAR Maker: Sohil Patel The reason why I came up with this tutorial was because: one day, me along with my friend Suvigya were struggling to work on the raspberry pi, since we did not have any HDMI/AV diaplays. Hence, I came up with this tutorial so that others who are also in…

DIY PCB- The best way to make a PCB at home
DIY PCB for your projects DIY Hacking

From our STAR Maker: Suraj Gehlot If you are into electronics, PCBs are the most common things you will see. These boards make our lives easier by eliminating all those connecting wires and breadboards. If properly designed, it even makes our project look smaller and sexy. A printed circuit board (PCB) mechanically supports and electrically…

Make circuits on paper. DIY paper electronics
circuits on paper DIY Hacking

From our STAR Maker: Nirman Dave What  is this tutorial about? I was sitting with my young brother trying to explain him what is conductivity, why resistance increases with increase in length, decreases with increase in area and all the stuff. Boiling down everything to equations can be quite boring. But I was able to…