DIY Hacking

DIY Hacking (Do It Yourself!) is a non-profit organisation working to promote the Maker culture. We strive to promote more IoT based products from the country, thereby trying to create the engineering revolution India deserves. We provide a prolific range of free DIY tutorials, open source projects and eBooks which will allow an individual to prototype and bring their ideas to life! We also support setting up Maker Labs and host workshops to tutor students on technology development. In turn imparting pragmatic knowledge required for them to build products on their own!
We mentor, support and guide thousands of students and individuals from the country through this platform. If you like what we are doing, you can also help us augment the platform and take it to the next level.

Creative Commons License
All the projects posted in this platform are Open-Source and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The Team

The onboard team and volunteers at DIY Hacking has made the platform available and open for everyone. It is because of their support and efforts that students all over the country are being assisted in gaining pragmatic knowledge for technology development.

Founder & CEO

Director & Mentor

Director & Adviser

Kevin George
Kevin George

Operations Officer

Design Volunteer


Nidhiya V Raj
Nidhiya V Raj

Technical Volunteer

Arun Suresh Babu
Arun Suresh Babu

Web Developer

Anand Rama Krishnan
Anand Rama Krishnan

Creative Associate

Salman Faris
Salman Faris

Application Developer

Farhan Muhammed
Farhan Muhammed

Trademark Design Volunteer

Sandheep Gopinath
Sandheep Gopinath

Student Volunteer

Sahana Rao
Sahana Rao

Volunteer Illustrator

Design Partner

Media Support

3D Printing Partner

Media Coverage


  • “DIY Hacking is doing phenomenal work in terms of bridging the gap between students and industry by imparting the skills of modern technology development to them and redefining the educational culture!”

    Sijo Kuruvilla George
    Sijo Kuruvilla GeorgeFounding CEO, Startup Village
  • "DIY Hacking has been doing really good work in terms of creating an online platform for Makers featuring a lot of knowledge content and DIY tutorials required to bring up more Makers driving the Maker movement."

    Ned Desmond
    Ned DesmondCOO at TechCrunch
  • "DIY Hacking has helped Infosys infuse a Maker culture through its IoT workshops and hackathons within the organization and assisted in generating a lot of interesting IoT projects through it."

    Navin Budhiraja
    Navin BudhirajaCTO, Infosys Ltd
  • "DIY Hacking is promoting tinkering and disruptive thinking in the country through its open source projects and tutorials while also guiding the young minds and professionals to build innovative products."

    Anirudh Sharma
    Anirudh SharmaHead, MIT Media Lab India
  • “DIY Hacking is sparking the new engineering revolution across Colleges and Schools in the country, while bolstering the growth of multiple hardware startups in the IoT scene!”

    Dr.Ritesh Malik
    Dr.Ritesh MalikFounder, Guerrilla Ventures
  • "DIY Hacking has been working exceptionally well in terms of promoting the Maker culture and guiding numerous individuals from the country to become Makers through its online DIY projects and tutorials!"

    Anna Waldman-Brown
    Anna Waldman-BrownGlobal Fab Lab Network

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