How to Build a Simple DIY Walking Robot

By Roland Pelayo


Simple Walking Robot


Are DIY robots supposed to be hard to build? Of course not. You can actually build a simple walking robot without no Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or microcontroller involved! Here’s how.



  • 2 x geared dc motor
  • 2 x 9V batteries
  • connecting wires
  • glue gun with glue sticks
  • soda can
  • plastic straw
  • switch
  • soldering iron (optional)


Building Instructions

As mentioned, there will be no microcontroller here so no coding involved! Here are the steps to follow.

Attach wires to the dc motor using soldering iron and/or glue:


Attach wires to motor


Make sure not to move the wires too much once they are attached, as the metal connector on the motor tends to break off easily!

Next, cut off the plastic tab on the end of the gearbox. This will make it easy to attach to the robot’s foot:


Cut off plastic tab at the endPlastic tab cut off

Attach the geared DC motor to the 9V battery “foot”:


attach motor to battery


Attach the second geared dc motor and attach the battery. Make sure that it is higher than the first one as shown:


attach second gearbox motorattach the second battery

Attach the battery clip to the 9V batteries then connect the wires following the diagram below. You can solder them or just splice them and apply glue.


wiring diagramconnect the wires


Attach the switch to one of the legs:


attach the switch


That’s it for the electrical part! Now let’s add some body to this robot.

Cut off the top of the soda can:


cut off head of soda can


Then attach the soda can on one of the robot legs:



Now we need to add hands to this robot. One hand will actually act like a third leg so it’s important.

Cut three plastic straws and attach them as shown:



Make sure that the “cane” is the same level as the lower leg as shown:

simple walking robot illustration

Turn on the switch and watch it walk!

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