Fibre cloth Model: Make your own Fibre Boat

From our STAR Maker : Tejeshw Vardhan

Fibre cloth model boat

Hello friends. Did you know that you can use normal cloth lying around your house for making hard models of stuff? Yes, you can do that. With the help of this tutorial, some waste cloth and few other household items, you can easily make your first fibre cloth model. The industrial process for making a fibre cloth model is long. It requires many kinds of resin, coating and other material which are not easy to get. In this tutorial we have explained an easy method for doing the same with readily available material. Here we take the example of a boat to explain the process of making this.

What are the stuff required to do this?

  1. Fibre cloth
  2. Araldite
  3. Any plastic scale to apply resin
  4. Thermocol
  5. Craft knife

Step 1 : Making a mould of thermocol for the Fibre cloth model boat

Fibrecloth model boat

On a thick sheet of thermocol, use a marker to draw the outlines of the model you wish to make. Then cut them out. Use a sand paper or smooth file to smoothen the surface.

Step 2: Masking the fibre cloth on the model

Fibrecloth model boat

  • Cover the thermocol mould with fibre cloth.
  • Mix the resin(araldite) and hardener in equal volume .
  • Start applying it on the outer surface of the model.
  • Use a hair dryer to heat the outer surface once you have covered the model with solution.
  • By applying hot air, the viscosity of solution reduces and becomes liquid which easily gets absorbed by fibrecloth.
  • Now let it dry for 24 hours.

Note: Here we have used Araldite because it takes a long time to dry. This gives us a time to adjust and modify the Fibre cloth model while it is drying. The Bondtite is also available in Indian market which dries very fast. The bondtite when mixed produces an exothermic reaction which produces heat and gets dried within 5 minutes.

It is hence advisable to use Araldite or any other epoxy resin compound with slow drying time.

Step 3: Taking the Fibre cloth model out and reinforcing it

Fibrecloth model boatAfter 24 hours you can separate the model from the mould. And depending upon the strength required more layers of fibre cloth can be added.Fibrecloth model boat

Now fold the edges inward, reinforce with aluminium U-clips and your fibre cloth model is ready.

Fibrecloth model boat

Step 4: Complete your fibre cloth model boat

To complete your fibre cloth model boat, cut aluminium of required length and glue it to the model as shown in figure. This will make the boat structure strong and improve its appearance. You can now install an engine of your requirement to the model and test its first voyage :) Or even interface it to an arduino and Raspberry Pi and make intelligent or remotely operated autonomous boats. If you are a beginner to arduino check this free ebook. And also check out this cool autonomous boat project for inspiration :)

Fibrecloth model boat

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Fibrecloth model boat

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