Become a Maker!

Learn to build cool stuff using Arduino and Raspberry Pi!

Why should you be a Maker?

The next industrial revolution is happening in hardware and the Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to 3D printing and a prolific number of other rapid prototyping tools like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, hardware development has become democratized like open source software! People can now make their own hardware products at home with minimal investment. Companies today are focused on developing hardware and IoT-based products and they will need Makers to help design their products.

As a maker, you will learn skills like hardware development and coding which lead to better academic and career opportunities!  Become a Maker and hone your skills to get access to better opportunities and get ready for the next industrial revolution. Become a Maker today and start building cool stuff!

How to be a Maker?

  • Get the eBook

    Read the free eBook "How to be a Maker!" and learn the basics of Arduino and Raspberry Pi!

  • Build your first project

    Build your first Arduino or Raspberry Pi project using our easy to follow DIY tutorials!

  • Intermediate level

    Ready to move on to more complicated projects? Try our Intermediate DIY tutorials!

  • Innovate

    Now it's your turn to come up with a cool idea work on an innovative project, check out a few examples from our Advanced Projects!

  • Final stage

    The final stage is to contribute back to open source community, you can do this by submitting your project to us!

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