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DIY Hacking supports hardware and software startups all over the world who use technology to help people better their lives. Whether it is access to food and water, communication, or education, DIY Hacking supports the work of engineers and makers who aim to make life better for everyone. Do you work at a startup that improves people’s lives with technology? Feel free to contact us and tell us more!



MeshPoint is an open source, weather proof WiFi hub that can be installed anywhere. Originally developed in order to make reliable internet hotspots in Croatia for Syrian refugees in transit so they could contact their loved ones and have access to information.




Techfugees is a social enterprise mobilizing the international tech community to respond to the refugee situation. Techfugees organizes conferences, workshops, and hackathons around the world in an effort to supply a pool of tech solutions and tech talent to NGOs working with refugees, and refugees themselves.




Segovia is working to end extreme poverty by making it faster, safer, and easier to pay anyone, anywhere in the emerging markets. Trillions of dollars are spent every year on global anti-poverty programs, including over $400 billion given directly to the extreme poor. But these programs often rely on outdated, insecure, and incompatible payment systems. Segovia wants to change that.

Segovia’s platform is already being used to deliver critical payments in challenging environments around the world. In Liberia, for example, Save the Children is using Segovia to distribute relief funds to communities hit by Ebola. In East Africa, GiveDirectly has been using Segovia to put working capital in the hands of the extreme poor.



ZAZU is a platform to help farmers in developing countries get their produce to market easier. The idea came when their founder witnessed an 80-year-old lady carrying produce to market. She knew that if she didn’t wake up in time, or walk the 1 1⁄2hour to the road, she would miss the best buyers from the market. But she had a phone to communicate with her grandchildren about her journey. So he came up with an idea – markets that come to you. Regardless of location. What started out as a way to pass market prices to smallholder farmers in emerging markets, is now changing the lives of many farmers across the world.



By focusing on radical open-innovation in education and technology, Dev4X takes on audacious projects that bring together the cognitive surplus of like-minded do-gooders around the world. They are currently scaling free educational software to empower children in areas of need.

Robo Inventions

Robo Inventions is a young and energetic team working on cutting edge technologies in Embedded Systems, Robotics, and Avionics. Based out of Cochin, Kerala, they design and build products that would ultimately be the answer to many of our real life problems. They have products and services in the fields of 3D printers, filaments, and drones in hopes of bringing hardware production in India into the international spotlight.


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