Intel Edison for Beginners – Best Tutorial for Getting Started


From our STAR Maker: Geeve George

Intel Edison for Beginners DIY Hacking

We makers love microcontrollers a lot! The endless possibilities that these pieces of hardware give to us – the Makers is endless! Ever wondered how small they keep getting? Well thanks to Intel I was awarded one of the world’s smallest open-source development board,  a board so small that it removes huge barriers in the world of wearables and the Internet of Things! Its the Intel Edison Board. This Intel Edison for beginners tutorial will show you how to get started on working with this cool single board computer.

Introduction to the Intel Edison board:

The intel edison board is a really cool single board computer platform that helps you build amazing stuff just like the arduino board. Here, you can use platforms like: arduino, eclipse for working on it. This board uses an intel atom processor with a dual core CPU at 500 Mhz and a microcontroller at 100 Mhz. The edison board sports 1GB of memory, 4GB of storage and even has wifi and bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. It also has 40 GPIOs for plugging in all sorts of crazy sensors and motors you can think of. You can buy the board from here: Adafruit.

Intel Edison Tutorial Single Board Computers DIY Hacking

Intel Edison for beginners – Parts

Want to know the things you can build with this small yet powerful microcontroller? Winner of make it wearables contest the “Nixie:The wearable Drone!”, this video will definitely intrigue you:

Hope you have got the zeal in you ready! Let’s get started with a quick unboxing video of the Intel Edison. This video will show you to setup the intel edison for the very first time. So if you are a beginner, this is the perfect video to watch before you get started with this single board computer It covers everything from unboxing, to starting to code using the arduino. So all you have to do is just sit back and watch this video from Intel:

Also check out this cool video I made from my own unboxing. This was when I got my first Edison board, and was pumped up about building something using it:

Now, after watching these videos you will be fairly comfortable with this single board computer called the Intel Edison. And if you are new to arduino, you dont have to worry at all, you can always check out this cool and free beginners guide from DIY Hacking about it: How to be a Maker!
And, stay tuned for my second tutorial based on home automation with the Intel Edison.  Also, if you have any doubts please post them below in the comments section.

Geeve George – STAR Maker at DIY Hacking

-Geeve George
I am a 15 year old Maker proudly from India!
I love making “moonshots”! I wish to help the society with my projects!
I work mainly with Arduino , Intel Edison and Galileo.I love Android Development!

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