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From: Arvind Sanjeev, Founder DIY Hacking

Maker leaders

When I used to be in college, I wasn’t able to relate the things that I learned from the course to actually build something like a robot. I learned to prototype a project and code it through the internet. I discovered platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi and came to know about a prolific number of sensors that can be used for each application. This was all possible through the internet and the various projects posted online. DIY Hacking was born with my sole intention of giving back to the community and to spread the knowledge I acquired to students who need it. It is a platform that aims to support Makers and disseminate the knowledge required for building the latest technologies of today.

Through DIY Hacking I strive to promote as many Maker projects as I can and use that to inspire millions of students all around the world. It has been modelled as a non-profit organisation as the main tenet behind this initiative is that knowledge should be free and accessible to all.

This blog article sums up the current status of our platform and the work we have done till now and serves as perusal for individuals who wish to become a part of this organisation. I am currently looking for talented individuals who could be prospective partners and who share my enthusiasm for the Maker culture. Their support would be greatly needed for creating strategic partnerships and for handling the operations of the organisation.

Our work till now
DIY Hacking has been growing exponentially and is quickly becoming one of the best online project platforms for Makers around the world. The platform hosts the best tutorials and DIY projects on topics surrounding Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other basic electronics. It attracts over 200,000 users every month and continues to grow. The ebook that was released (How to be a Maker!) has received over 10,000 downloads and is being downloaded every day by a lot of aspiring Makers. We have one of the best networks of talented Makers who use our online channel (link) for assisting each other on projects and for collaboration.

Maker Leaders

Apart from the online platform, we have also done a lot of sublime work offline. Some of the prominent ones being:

  1. Kerala Govt Raspberry Pi program
    We were working with the Kerala Govt as the implementation or knowledge partner for the Raspberry Pi­ Learn To Code program. The Govt has funded the entire program and handed over free Raspberry Pi kits to 10,000 students in the state.
    DIY Hacking has designed the workshops structure, provided training to the teachers and developed course material and kits for the program. Some news covers: Indian Express and NDTV and pictures.
  1. CUSAT University learning hub
    Was able to partner with the Cochin University to create a unique learning space and a Maker Lab consisting of prototyping equipments like 3D printer, CNC and development boards. The idea being to replicate the Maker Space in colleges across the country. It has conducted various activities in the space including 3D printer making workshops for students. Some pictures and an event video from the space.
  1. Infosys corporate IoT workshops & hackathon
    DIY Hacking had partnered with Infosys in conducting hardware and IoT based workshops and hackathons throughout its offices globally. The main intention being to create a Maker culture within the organization. The two day event consisted of a workshop as well as training on using the hardware development kits, supplied by DIY Hacking. We also worked with other corporates like IBM, Amdocs, etc. Some pictures from the event.
  1. Workshops and sessions
    Workshops and awareness sessions about the Maker culture and latest technology development were given at more than 30 colleges around the country. We had even partnered with the polytechnic colleges in the state to conduct workshops at 10 different colleges simultaneously. Some pictures.
  1. Bolstering and mentoring hardware IoT startups
    DIY Hacking has also been working closely with several hardware and IoT based companies. Providing mentoring and technological assistance with prototyping, research and development, etc. Some of the companies from our community:  Flip Technologies, Sastra Robotics,  Exploride, etc.

Maker leaders

Looking for prospective partners
I have recently received an offer to join the Interaction Design Programme 2017 at CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design). It was recommended to me by several MIT alumni and is a highly coveted graduate programme that offers a good alternative to a traditional EECS education by focusing on design thinking and user centered technology development. Hence, in order to keep bolstering the platform, I am looking for individuals who share my passion for education and free knowledge dissemination. I would need their help in handling the operations of the organisation and in creating strategies for partnerships. If being in the field of education excites you or if you know someone who would like to be a part of this non-profit platform, please do reach out to me at [email protected]

Maker Leaders

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