Top 9 Maker Spaces in India That You Should Know!

By Kevin B George

Makerspaces of India

The next industrial revolution that the world shall witness will be in hardware. Thanks to 3D printing and prolific number of other rapid prototyping tools, hardware development has become democratized just like software. People can now make their own hardware products at home with a minimal investment. Thus, the world shall witness a viral growth in the number of hardware products/services through startup companies.

India became the major IT hub of the 21st century because it invested significantly in computer education in the 90s, through labs and academic courses in Universities. The IT wave has reached its saturation, today the zeitgeist is hardware development/Maker culture. For India to get ahead in the rat race of the next industrial revolution, we should invest in propelling the Maker culture atleast now through Maker Labs, just like we invested in computer education in the 90s by setting up Computer Labs. Only then will we be able to stand in good stead with our counterparts abroad.

This page brings to you our selection of the 8 top Maker Spaces in India that serve as the proponents to the Maker Culture. Hoping that more and more of these spaces come up to help spread the culture of Making. Check out DIY Hacking’s Makerspace page for more info. If we have missed out on any space, please add them on the comments section below.

 Workbench Projects (Bangalore)

Maker Spaces of India

Aiming to seed the next technology revolution in India, WorkBench Projects is all set to achieve this goal with their state of the art maker space facility in Bangalore, stocked up with all the tools one could possibly need. With a team of mentors and industry experts on board to guide you through the usage or processes of anything in the space, they are ready to to offer you all it needs for your idea to see the light of day! :)


Equipment Present: CNC Router, 3D Printer, Milling machine, Power tools and Hand tools.

Timing: 10am to 8pm (all 7 days)

Community Strength: 25-30

Offerings: Round the clock WiFi & electricity, Studios(Hall of Hobbies, Robotics, Shop Floor, Coding Space), indoor and outdoor work areas, Coworking space, Meeting Space, Startup Accelerator, Backyard Cafe, Residency and International Opportunity, Locker facility and Shower.

Membership: Starting package – 2000/month |

Contact: Pavan Kumar | 96630930123 | [email protected]

Anupama Prakash | 9945002529 | [email protected]

Location: Under Halasuru Metro Station, Old Madras Road, Gupta Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560008

Maker’s Asylum (Delhi&Mumbai)

Maker Spaces

Maker’s Asylum is a community maker space with two locations, Mumbai and Delhi, India. Their mission, they say, is to revive the Maker in everyone. We are all born makers. As kids, we play with building blocks and clay to make things. Somewhere along the way, we forget. At Maker’s Asylum, they remind you that. They focus on hands-on learning and creative thinking. For hobbyists, it’s a place to play. For hardware entrepreneurs, it’s easy access to tools, technology and talent to prototype their ideas. For problem solvers, it’s a space to bump ideas with other like and unlike-minded folks who share your passion.


Equipment Present: All basic hand tools, power tools, 3D Printers and a Laser cutting machine. (

Timing: 10pm to 9pm (all 7 days)

Community Strength: 140

Offerings: Wifi, Food, Co-working space(studios), Meeting space, Community workshops, Free Tool Training sessions for members every week, Networking, Mentorship.

Membership: Regular – 3000INR

Contact: Mumbai – 9004686828 | Delhi – 8800093203

Location(Delhi): Maker’s Asylum Delhi, 268G, Hauz Rani, New Delhi, Delhi – 110017

Location(Mumbai): Maker’s Asylum Mumbai, D-11/1, Road No. 21, Opp. Passport Seva Kendra, MIDC, Marol Industrial Area, Andheri East, Saidham Nagar, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093

Curiosity Gym (Mumbai)

Maker Spaces in IndiaCuriosity Gym is a maker space that is platform for students, family and professionals to pursue a love of learning new things. Be it designing a solution for an unstructured problem, ideation, prototyping or bringing ideas to life, or running workshops on new things like 3D printing, internet of things, drones or cool ways of programming, embedded systems and robotics, Curiosity Gym is a place to learn experientially through making and breaking. CG is usually open to internships by local and international students.


Equipment Present: 3D Printers, Power tools and Hand tools, 3D doodlers, IoT kits and tons of curiosity

Timing: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (extendable on request), Mon – Sat.  For special sessions and hackathons, they are open on Sundays.

Community Strength: 600+

Offerings: LOTS of prototyping and real world experience to mentor or take any idea you have (irrespective of your age or background) and make it a real prototype/science project/robot/other project

Membership: Starting: Rs 500/month

Contact: 022-22617244 | explor[email protected]

Location: Curiosity Gym, 6, Palkhivala Building, 1st floor, 296 Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Opposite Vijaya Bank near GPO, Fort, Mumbai 400001

FabLab Kerala (Kochi and Trivandrum)

Maker Spaces of India

Kerala is now home to two FabLabs at Kochi and Trivandrum kick started by Neil Gershenfeld himself, the founder of the concept. The FabLabs at Startup Village(Kochi) and Technopark(Trivandrum) come with a lot of cool machines ranging from 3D printers to industrial quality design cutters. These maker spaces are a one of a kind playground in Kerala for young tinkerers, tech startups and the like to come play with lots of latest technologies. From tinkering to prototyping to pragmatic research, this lab can cater to a range of technical needs.


Equipment Present: 3D Printers, CNC machine, PCB Milling machine, Vinyl Cutters, Laser Cutter, Electronic Work bench, Hand tools, Power tools.

Timing: 9am to 7pm

Contact: [email protected]

Location(Kochi): Ground Floor, Startup Village(10K), KINFRA HiTech Park, Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala.

Location(Trivandrum): IIITM-K, Technopark Campus, Trivandrum, Trivandrum, Kerala, 699581, India

Vigyan Ashram (Pune)

Maker Spaces

Vigyan Ashram is the first fab lab outside MIT. It was established in 2002 and received capital equipment by NSF-USA and IITK. This maker space aims to give ordinary people around the world the technology to design and make their own stuff. Vigyan Ashram also host ‘Fab Academy’ course at Pabal for running the fab lab.

There are basically two labs :
1. VA Fab Lab @ Pabal
2. DIY Lab @ Kothrud
These are two different labs set up by Vigyan Ashram. DIY Lab focuses more on urban crowd, where as Fab Lab attracts rural crowd.


Equipment Present: Laser cutting Machine, Roland Milling Machine, 3D printer and scanner, Vinyl cutting machine, Electronic table (Oscilloscope, Soldering equipment, etc.), Welding station, hand and power tools.

Timing: 9:30am to 5:30om, Monday to Saturday

Community Strength: 20-30

Offerings: Workshops on 3D Printing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Basic Electronics, Other DIY Projects, Internet, Meeting Space.

Membership: Rs. 500 annually without material cost for projects

Contact: Mr. Ranajeet Shanbhag | +91 9579734720 | [email protected]

Mr. Atul Yadav | +91 9579734720 | [email protected]

Location(Pune) Head Office, Vigyan Ashram, Pabal, Dist. Pune – 412403, Maharashtra, India

CEPT FabLab (Ahmedabad)

Maker SpacesFabLab CEPT is co-run by CEPT University and The Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation. The FabLab is located within the CEPT University and they are a resource to both CEPT affiliates as well as the community at large. With focus on building the community at large, this maker space currently does not charge you for membership and let you work on your own projects with the material you bring.


Equipment Present: 3D Printing, CNC Milling, Circuit Production, Laser Cutting/Engraving, Precision Milling, Vinyl Plotter

Timing: 10:30 am to 8 pm (extended on request) 6 days a week (Sunday holiday)

Community Strength: 50-100 (core group)

Offerings: Fab Academy Training, Maker Fest, WiFi, Stationary store and Cafe. 

Membership: Bring your own material and work for free!

Contact: Henry Skupniewicz | [email protected] | +919825014578 | [email protected]

Location(address)CEPT Universty, Kasturbhai Lalbhai Campus, University Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380009, Gujarat, India

Maker’s Loft (Kolkata)

Maker Spaces of India

MakersLoft is Kolkata’s first ‘maker space’ where Designers, Techies, Tinkerers, Hobbyists, Artists and Artisans come together to create amazing products and projects that they could not have done by themselves. MakersLoft is a combination of an enabling community and physical space where professionals, students and hobbyists get access to professional tools, learn how to use those tools, meet and collaborate with other talented individuals to make things that matter to them and their community.


Equipment Present: 3D Printer, Laser Cutter, Knitting machine, Block printing , Screen printing, Sewing machine, Macine embroidery, Styro cutter, Printer and Scanner, Hand & Power Tools etc

Timing: 10am to 8pm (all 7 days)

Offerings: Workspace, Event space for rent, Training, Storage, Networking & Collaboration opportunities, Wifi, Tea/Coffee. They also have a couch!

Membership: Starting – 3000/month |

Contact: [email protected] | Amritaa | 9836641855

Location: 22 Ballygunge Park Rd, Himadri, West Wing, 1st Floor, Kolkata 700019, India

IKP-EDEN (Bangalore)

Maker Spaces of India

IKP Knowledge Park is a not for profit (earlier Section 25, now Section 8 company) science park with a 200 acre campus in Hyderabad, that houses over 45 companies that employ nearly 3000 scientists. Feeling that Bangalore has the best ecosystem for engineering and industrial design, and inspired by the TechShops and FabLabs of the US, they decided to set up such a center in Bangalore and leased out an independent 25,000 sqft building opposite Forum and called it IKPEDEN (Engineering, Design and Entrepreneurship Network).


Equipment Present: Equipment List

Timing: 24×7

Community Strength: 55

Offerings: Internet, Locker facility, Private room, Meeting room, Class rooms, Cafe, Coworking space, Mentorship Services, Funding Access, Access to partners like Gates foundaion

Membership: 5000/month

Contact: Vikraman – 8790672424 | [email protected]

Location16, Bhuvanappa Layout, Tavarekere Main Road, Adugodi, Bangalore 560 029

Think Happy Everyday Workshop – [THE]WorkShop (Bangalore)

Maker Spaces

THE Workshop is a cross-disciplinary design research initiative where designers, innovators, makers, and the curious can explore and pursue their interest in the made world, develop personal projects, conduct academic research and start collaborative projects. This maker space serves as a catalyst for students, professionals and academics –– empowering them with a state-of-the-art space to make, break, mould, mill, or alternatively a fun space equipped with the right tools, machines and magic to help you make something wonderful.


Equipment Present: 3D Printer, CNC Machine (DIY), Electronics Table, Metal Work Bench, Wood Work Bench, Power tools and Hand tools.

Timing: 10am to 7pm (extendable on request), 7 days a week

Community Strength: 15K (from Bangalore Makerspace and Open Source Creativity), 150 people attending workshops.

Offerings: WiFi, Electricity, Creative support, Passion and Heart,  Intelligent & Awesome company!!

Membership: Starting: 220/hr |

Contact: Annabelle Viegas – 9673686059 | Craig D’Mello – 9930749611 | [email protected]

Location20th cross, 5th block, HBR Layout, Nagawara, Bangalore 560045

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    We are impressed by seeing all the info about FabLabs on your site. Right now we are in the process of setting up one FabLab in Pune at Jnana Parbodhini Prashala. Our facilities will be operational within couple of months from now.
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