Vuforia SDK Tutorial for Beginners: Setting Image Targets

By Sanket Thakur

Vuforia is one of the many SDKs for image tracking for AR applications. There are Entiti AR, Layar, Wikitude and many more SDKs available. Some are free and some are paid. But I personally prefer Vuforia for image tracking. It is free and has a better image tracking system. You can use Vuforia for word recognition, image tracking, targets, etc. We will be using Vuforia for next few tutorials on AR. You can learn more about Vuforia on its official site. So lets get started with this Vuforia SDK Tutorial for beginners.

Vuforia SDK Tutorial

To get started with this Vuforia SDK tutorial for Unity, first you need to download the Vuforia SDK for Unity platform. You can download it from the Vuforia official website.
Once you have downloaded, open the Vuforia developer portal. If you are using Vuforia for the first time, then you will need to Register on its developer site. Once you have done that, go to its develop section.

Vuforia SDK Tutorial

Add a license key, if you are creating a new project or you can use an existing one. Fill in the details and give a name to it. It does not need to be same as of your Unity’s project.

Vuforia SDK Tutorial


Confirm the license key in next step. The encrypted looking text is our license key. We will use it when we will be creating our Unity project.

Vuforia SDK Tutorial

Once you are done with it, you can create targets for image targets. Browse to Target Manager adjacent to License Key option.

Add a new Database for the image targets.

Vuforia SDK Tutorial

After that, you can select the database just created. And choose Add Target for uploading the images you want to track.

You need to make sure that the image size you are uploading should be less that 2MB. Otherwise, it will give an error. You can give any width to the image.

Vuforia SDK TutorialYou can resize the image with this image resizing tool.  Once you have successfully uploaded the image you can see the number of Augmentable stars. More the stars, better and easier will be the tracking. So, try to have an image with maximum stars (5).Vuforia SDK Tutorial

You can also see the tracking sites on your image. Here, I made my laptop’s keypad as the tracking image.

Click on the image, and in the new window > Select show features below the image. It will show all the tracking points for the image.


Vuforia SDK TutorialFinally, you can download the database, we just created through our Vuforia SDK tutorial.

Vuforia SDK TutorialMake sure that the development platform is  – Unity Editor.

We will be using the downloaded database and Vuforia SDK in the next tutorial to make a simple AR application.

Hope you were able to setup the platform using this Vuforia SDK tutorial. Keep following me for more such easy tutorials on Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. You can also connect with me on our online channel in slack to get more guidance and check out DIY Hacking’s AR & VR learning path to become an expert.


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